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2018 Highlight: VSSM

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One Of The Wonderful Schools We Sponsor

Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch (VSSM), is a volunteer organization focused on the economic, social, and educational uplifting of certain marginalized communities. These communities include the nomadic and the denotified community. The goal of VSSM is to provide basic human rights to the people of these communities. They do this through an interest-free loan program by the name of Swamavalban. This program creates better-earning opportunities, operates residential facilities for the children of these marginalized communities, creates residential facilities to help settle nomads into a normal life with quality education for the children, a water management program, and finally a massive campaign which plants trees in areas where quality air is scarce. The Unnati hotel residences are home to 68 girls, while Shri G.U. Hotel hosts 158 boys. VSSM is currently developing another hotel which is located in the Kakar village. This hotel is set to accommodate 150 students. The kids have been learning a lot thanks to VSSM and their accommodations and we see this when we look at the numbers. 37/50 kids have passed this school year thanks to their new accommodations and higher education. Attendance is at 100%, which means all kids are putting in the effort. What VSSM is doing is truly selfless and progressive, and with your donation, you are making a difference for an underprivileged child.

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