Our Classes

We are a student-run organization that hosts a variety of online classes.

All of our classes are taught by Highschool or College students.


We operate on a rolling admissions system allowing new students to join at any time.

Our classes are based on demand so if you would like to see a certain class please use the contact button below.

*Due to Covid-19, our classes have moved online for the time being

Group Classes:

Minecraft Classes - Multiple Teachers

  • Jose Ortega

  • Jai Bajaj


Soccer Classes - Multiple Teachers

  • Niki Corona

  • Sebastian Margetts

  • Jay Patel


Lego Class

  • Matias Corona. 


Art Classes

  • Chiara Baer-Way. 


Scratch Class

  • Arjun Sharma. 


Debate Class

  • Avik Agarwal. 


Cooking Class

  • Margherita Marras. 


Baseball Clinic

  • Noah Mizrahi. ​

Private Classes:

Math Classes - Multiple Teachers

  • Luca Riva

  • Samika Agarwal

  • Salim Hamzaoui

  • Lilu Trondowski

  • Alice Roux

  • Elizabeth Sonny Werther

  • Aditya Kapur

  • Noelle Hornback


English Classes - Multiple Teachers

  • Alex Riva. 

  • Julia Kaufman

  • Elizabeth Werther

  • Axel Petochi

  • Mira Patel

  • Ayla Agha


Spanish Classes - Multiple Teachers

  • Karen Socorro

  • Daniel Espanda

  • Sol Blanco

French Classes - Multiple Teachers

  • Rama Agneta Hamzaoui

  • Greta Piiskop

  • Victoria Léa Blanchette

Chinese Class

  • Rui Lang

Science Class

  • Sophie Malik. 

Singing Class

  • Prachi Roy

Piano Class

  • Mehek