Our Classes

We are a student-run organization that hosts a variety of online classes.

All of our classes are taught by highschool students.


We operate on a rolling admissions system allowing new students to join at any time.

Our classes are based on demand so if you would like to see a certain class please use the registration form below.

Due to COVID-19, almost all our classes have moved online for the time being.

The exceptions include athletic classes which will take place outdoors with masks following CDC safety guidelines. All athletic teachers have been fully vaccinated. 

Group Classes:

Soccer Class - 1 hour Weekly Sunday 10 am

  • Sebastian Margetts

  • Pablo Ortega

  • Jake Robinson

Basketball Class- 1 hour Weekly Saturday 12 pm

  • Noah Mizrahi

  • Antonio Athias


Minecraft Class - 1 hour Weekly Sunday 6pm 

  • Julian Frazier


Lego Class - 1 hour Weekly Saturday 2pm

  • Toby Tiley

If a different time works better for all registered students, timing could possibly change

Private Classes:

Math Tutoring -1 hour Weekly

  • Milan Ganeshan

  • Millie Vizinberg-Honor

  • Daria Mehrnia


English Tutoring -1 hour Weekly

  • Nina Rohde

  • Alex Riva

Science Tutoring-1 hour Weekly 

  • Millie Vizinberg-Honor

Humanities Tutoring-1 hour Weekly 

  • Anyue Zhang

Percussion-45 min Weekly

  • Joseph Bearfield

Spanish-1 hour Weekly

  • Hector Pratts

French-1 hour Weekly

  • Daria Mehrnia

After registering the students availability, parents will be contacted to confirm the day and time of the tutoring session.

10 dollars per session

20 dollars per session