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One Of The Wonderful Schools We Sponsor

Fundación Contando Con Un Amigo (“Counting on a Friend Foundation”) is built up of a parents association who want to support people in vulnerable situations and who firmly believe that the best opportunities are through education: the main engine of knowledge, which comes to transform the human being with a better vision of self-improvement. The foundation's main mission is to contribute to a change in the environment of communities in Mexico, specifically a community in Playa del Carmen, accompanying them to improve their lives and education. With your help, we would be providing meals to these children and their families. They usually receive a free meal a day through their public school, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, schools are closed. Consequently, these kids are not receiving their free meals so it’s up to you to provide them with the nutrition they need. With your donation, you will be essentially feeding an underprivileged family in which the students aren’t able to go to school and the parents to work. Counting on a Friend Foundation is keen for donations and anything helps. 

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